New Bump Fire Grip from JT Grip Coming Soon, Maybe?

    When it comes to accessories that allow you to bump fire your rifle there’s a few big players in the market, Slide Fire Solutions and Bump Fire Systems. There’s also a few others out there, and you can always make them yourself. Well there’s a new guy on the scene named JT Grip. Most of the bump fire products out there make you replace the entire stock with a big and usually ugly setup. The folks over at JT Grip have an interesting new bump fire system that only requires you to replace the pistol grip.

    The new JT Grip is in the works for both AR-15 and AK-47 variant rifles (these are not legal for pistols). The replacement grip can be switched from a locked position for normal shooting or unlocked for bump firing. They’re going to be made out of reinforced Nylon here in the USA. While I’ve never been interested in owning any of the other bump fire products currently available the JT Grip actually isn’t too bad, it actually seems to work pretty well. Check it out in action below.

    So why the maybe? JT Grip has been working on their product for quite a while, but their site has the following statement:

    JT Grip Solutions is suspending release of the bump fire pistol grip that we have been working on for over two years. This result stems from the high cost of replacement tooling after working with a less than honest supplier, and from the failure to secure a working relationship between JTGS and Slide Fire Solutions. The eight months spent in negotiations with SF produced no agreement.

    JTGS is now positioned to sell off our technology, the complete tooling, and the social media accounts. Our tooling is ready to produce product and we will include our tool-ready future designs. Our Patent Application is 1.5 years old and still pending.

    But wait! JT Grip recently posted the video below on their YouTube channel with an update on what’s going on with their bump fire grips. They said tooling is done and the product is ready for production, however after some issues with Slide Fire they’ve decided to just wait until their patent is approved to move forward. I hope they do release these in the near future.

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