BREAKING: Slide Fire and Bump Fire Settle Lawsuit

    In late 2014, Slide Fire Solutions initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against Bump Fire Systems over the use and ownership of intellectual property that is the backbone of their rapid-fire stock products. It appears that Slide Fire has won the suit and is set to receive damages from Bump Fire who will no longer be allowed to sell their bump-fire stocks.

    From the Bump Fire Systems homepage:

    Slide Fire Solutions, LP and Bump Fire Systems, LLC announced that they have resolved their patent infringement lawsuit. Pursuant to their agreement, Bump Fire Systems, LLC pays a confidential sum of money to Slide Fire, acknowledges the validity of four patents asserted in the litigation and agrees to a judgement under which it must cease and desist from any further sales of bump fire stocks for the duration of the terms of the patents.

    TFB has contacted Slide Fire Solutions for further details and we will update the story with any additional information.

    UPDATE 17:30 (Eastern):

    TFB just received a response back from Slide Fire Solutions:

    Slide Fire Solutions, LP is pleased to announce the resolution to the patent infringement suit with Bump Fire Systems, LLC. As part of the agreement, Bump Fire Systems, LLC acknowledges the validity of patents possessed by Slide Fire Solutions, LP, and agrees to a judgement under which they will no longer infringe on the patents in question. It is great to have another instance of verification as the sole patent holder of bump fire technology. We are eager to put this situation behind us, and look forward to continuing to expand our product line in the future.


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