First adoption of M-Lok by the U.S. Military

    Soldier Systems Daily is reporting from Modern Day Marine that the U.S. Army’s Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) will be getting an upgrade from H&K in the form of Geissele rail systems, in particular it appears to be their Super Modular HK Rail that retails for $430. The rails are confirmed, but unconfirmed posts state that the barrel twist will become tighter with a 1/8 twist, and a change from the H&K 2 Stage trigger to a Geissele trigger.

    But most importantly, this appears to be the first time a legitimate and public U.S. Military contract has an M-Lok system incorporated into it. Keymod has been available with the PSR contract rifles in addition to numerous other small arms in use by Special Operations forces. But M-Lok hasn’t yet made it in the world of standardized government contracts, almost a holy grail of accomplishment within the firearms manufacturers community. Early on TFB we reported that M-Lok was outselling Keymod with a three to one ratio, in addition to Colt Canada even coming out with M-Lok options on their handguards as well. Could this adoption be the beginning of a trend that turns the tide against Keymod? Granted, it is a relatively small contract insofar as truly successful military contracts go. But seeing how the industry sometimes takes a very leading cue from the military services that sometimes drive it, this could be an early indicator.


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