Battle Arms Development’s Architek Clamp On Sight

    Battle Arms

    Battle Arms Development is now offering a new clamp on style front sight for the AR pattern rifle. The new sights, called the Architek, is designed to be placed as far forward as possible on the barrel to provide the maximum potential sight radius. It will fit on barrels with an external diameter of 0.735″ – 0.750″. This includes government profile barrels which are frequently used in AR builds.

    As one might guess, these are designed to work with AR rifles that are built without the traditional front sight tower and gas block. Considering how many rifles are built with a low profile block and no tower, this is a fairly large market of potential customers. It does not rely on handguard alignment to ensure proper alignment with the rear sight. The sight does not fold.

    Installation requires the removal of any muzzle device that may already be on your gun. Once that is off, the sight slides onto the barrel and is affixed into place with the use of three screws. JB Weld is not recommended.

    The Architek is made of machined 7075-T6 aluminum and has a matte black anodized finish. It has cuts in the body to reduce weight. These sights are being sold only through Brownells and have a price of $89.99 attached to them.

    Battle Arms Development is the same company making the Vert PDW stock and lightweight AR receiver.

    Richard Johnson

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