POTD: The Waitasaurus Rex Is Real!

    The Waitasaurus Rex has been floating around the internet for a couple of days now, but damn if it isn’t funny. As we all know, with the implementation of the new ATF rule 41F, wait times for NFA items are expected to increase to unprecedented levels. Right now the estimated form 1 e-form time is over six months, a wait time that hasn’t been seen in quite some time on e-forms. I expect it to shoot up to much higher levels once we near the end of the year as a result of all the last minute submissions. The extended wait time chaps my behind a bit; I should have expected as much, though. I was foolish and submitted five stamps in the months leading up to the new rule going into effect for convenience’s sake.

    Some mad genius on the internet pulled up a graph from nfatracker.com and saw that the plot looked a whole lot like a dinosaur. The only logical thing to do was to finish the poor guy out! Either way, it is funnier than hell.

    Are you going to be stuck somewhere in the long line for NFA items like me? Did you snag anything cool before the new rule went into effect?

    If you know who created the Waitasaurus Rex, please let us know so that we can give proper kudos. After all, genius deserves recognition.