LEAKED: What Is the Smith & Wesson “M2.0”? Possible NEW Rifle or Handgun!

    On the heels of the new FBI-inspired Glock 17M, and the possibility of the fifth Glock generation being right around the corner, it has been revealed that Smith & Wesson may also be about to introduce an update to its very successful Glock-derived Military & Police line of handguns. The company has recently trademarked the term “M2.0” in the category of bags and accessories, and according to soldiersystems.net this is in preparation for a launch of a new handgun line:

    A source who wishes to remain anonymous told us the new pistol line is to be dubbed M2.0. M2.0 is a response to criticisms of the original M&P series pistols, and is designed with a host of features that will allow the M&P series to better compete with stock Glocks. Our source cited changes to the design, including an improved trigger and full-length guide rails, intended to increase overall functionality, reliability, and out-the-box accuracy.

    An updated version of the M&P from Smith & Wesson shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to recent competitions and contracts. Smith & Wesson (presumably with a modified M&P) was reportedly considered for the FBI contract, and the company submitted a design to the US Army’s Modular Handgun System competition as well. It seems very likely that the Massachusetts company will release new handguns based on those submissions onto the civilian and law enforcement markets sometime in the future. Speculating based on trends of new handgun models sporting what used to be “premium” features as standard, maybe a new Military & Police line would feature extended magazine and slide releases, wider magazine funnel, and of course the most important feature: A better trigger.

    At this point, though, speculation is all we have.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]