The River Meet (Norway) – Nordic IPSC Rifle Championships 2016

    The River Meeting 2016 took place in Trondheim, Norway, last weekend. Of course there were participants from TFB there to document the event.

    Over 300 competitors traveled far for this competition, which constituted as the Nordic IPSC Rifle Championships for this year.

    Competitors came from all over the world, for instance Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Czech, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

    The River Meeting is a competition with true rifle distances, from 5 to 380 meters and very challenging conditions, both in terms of weather and shooting difficulties.

    For instance, the wind at the 380 meter station was bugging a lot of people.

    Due to the lack of longer rifle ranges in Europe, there are a lot of “rifle” competitions with almost pistol distances.

    Even the short stages were very challenging. For instance 3 paper targets at 30 meters, shooting 45 degrees down and 2 targets on the other side of the mountain 200 meters away from an unstable barricade.

    And remember: You may be cool.

    But not shooting down a swamp, making mountain high geysers in Trondheim-cool.

    2016-07-29 21.57.33


    Above: The Snillfjord area is absolutely beautiful.


    Above: Lukas traveled all the way from South Africa to take part of this excellent rifle competitions. 6 Mini IPSC Targets at 5-20 meters and 4 small steel plates at 200 meters. The steel plates are only a few pixels big on this picture, to be shot prone through the red window. He finished 11:th at 82%, a job well done!


    Very cool stage. .223 Remington “double alphas” down a swamp.


    Below: Michael from Rifle Team TopGun reversing with his Mega AR-15, Vortex optics and Magpul D60.



    Above and below: Johan Hansen from the GP Rifle Team shooting a JP Rifles .223 Rem with Zeiss V8 in a Spuhr mount. He became the Nordic Champion in the senior category.


    Below: One of the members from the Danish National Team.


    Below: Lukas from South Africa again. Far away from home, but probably feels at home!


    Below: Make Love Not War


    Below: The “Stop the EU gun ban” champer flag was very popular among the competitors.


    Below: JP Rifles CTR-02 with side mounted Aimpoint in Spuhr mount.


    Below: Norway’s National Team for IPSC Rifle Open division.


    Below: Denmark’s Open Team.


    Below: Finish standard shooter. (iron optics)

    Shooting downhill makes it harder for the gas on a semi-automatic rifle to push the bolt carrier back, so if you’re running low on gas (as a few competitors do, to minimize recoil) you may have a problem. Don’t ask how I know this.


    Another Panorama picture. Believe it or not – there were no mosquitoes here.

    2016-07-29 21.57.11

    The website for the River Metting 2016 is here:

    More pictures and stories in part II

    Eric B

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