ATN Releases X-Sight II Update with New Features

    X-Sight II Update

    ATN announced a firmware update for its X-Sight II line of thermal rifle scopes. The update improves some existing features, squashes a few bugs and introduces a number of new features including a new reticle and ballistic calculator.

    New or Improved Features

    • Smart Shooting Solution – This is a ballistics calculator that adjusts the scope for range and wind readings. Improved zooming capability with this feature enabled.
    • added warning message when ballistic compensation is active
    • addition of the NP-R2 MOA reticle
    • improved WiFi video streaming
    • disabled by default the USB mode dialogue

    Bugs Squashed

    For shooters used to traditional optics, the idea of glitches in your scope may be enough to turn you off of a microprocessor controlled system. However, to get the benefits of thermal imaging, coding and a chip will be involved. Here is a list of the bugs that have been fixed in this update (as described by ATN):

    • Device streaming in X-sight II, when mobile application loses connection
    • Some devices crash, when USB cable is connected during Firmware update
    • Sleep mode wake up – Disabled sleep mode temporarily
    • Widget artifacts 2
    • Reticle image overlay
    • Ability to change reticle style on mobile device
    • Ability to change sensitivity in day mode
    • Crash after pop-up message on high zoom

    The update is free and should¬†be done in a few minutes. Click here to go to the company’s web page with the update information and firmware download.

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