ATN ThOR Scopes

    THOR 100-mm HD

    American Technologies Network (aka ATN) announced a new line of ThOR thermal imaging rifle scopes. The new thermal imaging rifle scopes are part of the company’s update to its entire Smart HD line that includes new software and hardware.

    There are eight new or updated ThOR scopes. They range in variable magnification from 1.25-5x to 5-40x. Sensor sizes range from 384×288 to 640×480.

    All of the units feature a new microprocessor core that ATN is calling the Obsidian T II. A similar core is used in the company’s other updated Smart HD line products.

    These units have built in video recording capabilities. They record at a 1280×960 resolution at 30 frames per second. Built in, these scopes have 4 GB of storage. However, the units also have a micro SD card slot that allows for external storage (up to 64 GB per micro SD card.)

    Images can be streamed from the scope to a tablet or phone using WiFi. Control applications are available for both the iOS and Android platforms. This allows a buddy to see what you are looking at through the scope. Four AA batteries are used to power the scopes, and a battery life of 8 hours is listed by the manufacturer. Units come with a 3 year warranty. Pricing starts at $1,999.

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