Review: Innovative Arms Integrally Suppressed M&P15-22

    This is probably the most fun suppressed gun I have had the pleasure to shoot. While integrally suppressed semiautomatic rifles in.22LR is nothing new, Innovative Arms’ take on it is different. Just like the Spike’s Tactical Brown Recluse and the H&K MP5SD, the Innovative Arms M&P15-22 barrel is vented to bleed off gas and drop the bullet velocity down to sub sonic levels. So you can throw just about any plinking ammo and it will be quiet.

    The gun is just your ordinary S&W M&P 15-22. It has all the same controls as an AR-15 but it has some proprietary components like the magwell, magazine, upper, bolt and charging handle. You can not install a normal AR-15 upper on here. There is no buffer tube or buffer. This M&P 15-22 has the newer MLOK compatible handguard and it is so much better than the quad rail design that the M&P 15-22 first came out with. The handguard is narrower and lighter. It feels very comfortable to grasp.


    The Innovative Arms suppressor only adds 4oz to the gun’s weight bringing it up to a mere 5.9 lbs. The baffle is a monocore design and while this gun did not come with the take down tool, any regular 3/8″ socket wrench can be used to remove the baffle stack for cleaning.


    It is a little dirty and wet because I previously ran some water in the can to see if it made a difference.


    Of course I had to compare it to my M&P 15-22 with Spectre II.

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    The two guns are very different. I have modified mine somewhat. The aluminum free float rail is heavy compared to the short polymer handguard. But the biggest difference is the trigger. I have a Geissele SD3G trigger in my M&P 15-22 which makes it a dream to shoot.

    Shooting my M&P15-22 with Winchester M-22 Subsonic bullets are a smidgen quieter than the Innovative Arms M&P 15-22.

    Here is a short video I shot comparing the two guns.


    Even though my setup is quieter, it is longer and requires sub sonic ammo. I can throw any regular standard velocity or high velocity into the Innovative Arms M&P 15-22 and it is almost as quiet. That is very impressive.


    Since these are basically the same gun with different barrels, I swapped the uppers.


    I was able to get a couple bursts with the Slidefire stock using the Innovative Arms upper. But I will be honest I have not mastered the technique.

    This M&P15-22 was provided by Silencer Shop. It retails for $1325. I reached out to Innovative Arms and you could send in your upper to have converted to their integrally suppressed design. It would be over $1000 for this modification. While that is a bit more than I was expecting, the results speak for themselves. Every person that has tried shooting this cant help but giggle and smile. It is a very very fun gun.

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