Mesa Tactical Ditches California for Nevada

    Add another company to the great California exodus, this time it’s the shotgun accessory makers at Mesa Tactical. They recently announced that they’re leaving the state of Commiefornia for their neighbors Nevada. They’ve cited California’s draconian gun laws and high cost of living as the main reasons for their departure. Mesa Tactical started in 2003 in Costa Mesa, California the same city Armalite started shop in. They’re now going to be headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

    Gun and accessory manufacturers moving out of state is a fairly common thing for various reasons, from backwards gun laws, taxes to better infrastructure and logistics . Back in 2013 Steyr Arms relocated to a new HQ in Bessemer, AL. Just last year Kahr Firearms moved to Pike County, PA because it was much more gun friendly. American Tactical Imports moved from Rochester, NY to Summerville, SC back in 2013 for the same reason. Back in 2012 Remington and Colt threatened to relocate their factories in New York and Connecticut over microstamping legislation. Perhaps the biggest move by a company in the firearms industry was when Magpul moved their operations from Colorado to both Wyoming and Texas. Their corporate HQ is in Texas and their manufacturing and distribution centers are in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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