Kahr Firearms Moves into Pike County

    We had previously mentioned that Kahr Firearms was looking to move to Pike County, PA, and it looks like they finally did just that.

    The owners picked Pike County because, according to them, they want to be where it’s gun friendly, and where half the county residents are members of the NRA.


    Justin Moon, who started Kahr Firearms in the 1990s, followed up his brother’s blessing and spoke about the move to northeastern Pennsylvania. He saw heavy restrictions on his firearms business in other states, including nearby New York.

    “We had to look for more gun-friendly state in the northeast. Pennsylvania as a large state is the most gun-friendly northeastern state,” said Justin Moon, owner of Kahr Firearms.

    With this move they should be able to manufacture a number of different items that would have been more difficult in their original location in New York.  The move should bring 200 new jobs to the area (though I would assume at the loss of a similar amount in NY).  They will keep their currently operating plant in Massachusetts running after the new location in Pennsylvania comes online.

    Gun Maker Moves into Pike County

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