New Iron City Rifle Works Tactical Advantage Bolt Carrier Groups

Patrick R
by Patrick R

I will admit, prior to this press release being emailed to me I was blissfully unaware of Iron City Rifle Works and their products. Every now and then even though I try to stay pretty in tune to what is going on in the shooting sports world a manufacture somehow hides from me. Now that I have had a chance to look over Iron City’s inventory, I think I am going to have to part with some money as soon as they get that Copperhead bolt carrier group back in stock.

Iron City is now introducing a new Tactical line of pretty boss looking AR-15 bolt carrier groups that have been enhanced to provide claimed improvements like better wear resistance, improved heat dissipation and increased lubricity that lead to a softer recoiling rifle. I will say that the milled out areas that lighten the bolt carrier do look pretty awesome. They will be offering the bolt carrier groups in four finishes initially, BlackNitride, C4V (TiN), EVO (NiB EXO), and RangerGrey. Each of the coating has their own benefit as well as an aesthetically pleasing color to them.

The Tactical Advantage lineup is a pretty wide price range starting at $214.99 for the BlackNitride, $229.99 for the EVO coating, $269.99 for the C4V and the top of the line Ranger Grey tops things out with a price tag of $299.99

If you want to check the line out more you can click HERE to visit their website.

Patrick R
Patrick R

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  • Tau5 Tau5 on Jul 25, 2016

    This article really didn't explain anything. I don't come here to read "this exists"

  • Treyh007 Treyh007 on Jul 28, 2016

    Guys we are in the Tacticool Age, I think it's great all these different "systems" are coming out, weather it's for you and what you shoot is the question. It might be stupid and a waste for one type shooter and a dream for another type shooter. It seems like every article I read on TFB here lately is filled with negative Nancy's complaining about something. Guys this is our firearms market, Be glad that people are taking free market risks and trying to produce good upgraded products for all of us. Most countries don't have all the "STUPID TACTICOOL STUFF"! Be happy guys, these things are for us.