Magnum Research Updates the BFR Series

    Magnum Research BFR

    Magnum Research announced an upgrade to the BFR line. BFR, which ostensibly stands for Big Frame Revolver, is the company’s line of single action wheel guns. Some of these guns are chambered in seriously powerful cartridges for handguns including the .30-30 Win, .500 S&W Magnum and .45-70 Govt.

    One of the changes made to the guns is the redesigned hammer. The new hammer is machined from stainless steel and has a spur that is both taller and narrower than the prior iterations. According to the company, by raising the spur, it became easier to manipulate – especially when wearing gloves. The company also stated the tolerances are very precise and the guns have a very smooth trigger pull.

    Magnum Research changed the grips used on the guns. Now the company is using a single piece Hogue grip to replace the older two piece design. The grips are made of soft rubber and have a different taper to help with control during shooting. Magnum Research states these are a new Hogue design that does not use a screw to affix them to the frame. Yet, the company claims the grips do not move under recoil. They do require the use of a takedown tool to removed them from the frame. Yes, the tool is included with the guns.

    Both the new grips and hammers will fit the older BFR models that have been made in the 21st Century.

    BFR models are available with a variety of barrel lengths from 5″ – 10″. Caliber selection does change what barrel lengths are available.

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