Telor Tactical Go-Band: A New Take on the Go Bag

    Telor Tactical

    Telor Tactical developed a new product that merges some of the aspects of a belly band with those of a go bag. Called the Go-Band, this new rig may have a place in home, office or patrol car of some readers.

    The company got the idea from an officer with a state law enforcement agency that Telor Tactical was supplying ankle holsters to. The idea was to expand the company’s Bodyband Holster so that it could carry many of the same items the officer kept in his go bag.

    Go Bag

    I’ve advocated for officers to keep a basic go bag in their patrol car that contain a few extra items that they might need in a prolonged encounter such as a terrorist attack similar to Moscow, Beslan, Mumbai, Paris or what we recently saw in Orlando. Having a bag with extra AR mags, a back up flashlight, an extra tourniquet, etc. can make a lot of sense – especially if you find yourself pinned down and cut off from backup. More than one LAPD officer found him- or herself in this position during the Bank of America robbery in 1997.

    Likewise, a homeowner may want a similar bag handy near the bed for an unexpected emergency. As crazy as it might seem to some, having something similar in the desk drawer at your office might be a good idea. Should trouble come your way, you have something quick to grab that may have a few essentials to get you out of danger.

    The downside to the go bag is that it can get in the way. Mounting gear on a plate carrier makes sense for some, but even that can get in the way. Plus, a plate carrier has limited real estate and at many workplaces might raise a few eyebrows if you’ve got it in your cubicle.


    The Go-Band wraps around the torso like a belly band, but it can go over your outer clothing. It is fitted with PALS webbing for the addition of any pouches you might want to add. With the Go-Band, the company includes a pair of MOLLE pouches and a stretch to fit holster. Obviously, the PALS webbing allows you to add more to the rig.

    Telor Tactical

    One of the differences between Telor Tactical and similar products is that the company has a background in supplying medical devices that require the best possible comfort for the patient. So, the company has learned what does and doesn’t work when it comes to comfort.

    Consequently, the company uses special fabric and silicone foam to maximize airflow to the body and to offer good padding between the body and carried gear. Pricing starts at $84.99.

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