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Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Ankle Holster

Telor Tactical is a small company that is taking an innovative approach to existing holster designs. The company currently offers an ankle holster, bodyband holster and a thigh holster that use some non-traditional materials to improve comfort and carry.

David Leverett, the managing partner of Telor Tactical, has a background in the medical device industry that gives him a fresh perspective on what materials work best for increasing comfort. One of the key materials used is something called Sil-Air, a silicone-foam padding used in cushions to reduce pressure ulcers in patients.

The Sil-Air material is soft, and it is very porous, allowing for good airflow. It is also odor resistant and machine washable.

After reading about the holsters and talking to Leverett by phone, I ordered (at full retail price) several of their products including the ankle holster. My purchase arrived in three days.

My initial impression is that the Telor Tactical products are good quality and extremely comfortable. I’ve worn an ankle holster for much of my adult life carrying both a S&W 642 and Glock 27 in them. I’ve tried a variety of ankle rigs, but the Telor Tactical rig definitely seems to be the most comfortable.

I’m going to use these products more before I give them a complete thumbs up, but so far I am impressed.

The ankle rig retails for $34.95. The bodyband goes for $29.95 – $34.95 depending on size. The thigh holster runs $29.95. The company also sells a few other products including a slip-on recoil pad, deer stand cushion and gun mat.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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