SOFIC 2016

    Just last week was SOFIC (Special Operations Force Industry Conference). It is like Shot Show but for LE/MIL. They always put on a grand show demonstrating techniques and equipment. Gratuitous amounts of blanks fired. The minigun on the helicopter is particularly fun.

    I thought some guns need blank firing adapters in order to cycle properly? However I did not see anyone with a BFA on their weapon. In this video by Fox13 News, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn gets to ride shotgun firing a pintle mounted machine gun on a boat.


    For those of you who cannot see this video, click on this link to watch it.

    Here are some photos shot by my friend Quoc Ha of Q Concepts.

    The splashes of water below the helicopter are from the brass raining down.

    13254067_10153568090841570_1221345515150824362_n 13321630_10153569893606570_3459363931778777841_n


    If a SF Operator falls during training, do his buddies never let him live it down?13227176_10153566401866570_3080995295206507470_n

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