Micro HST Now Available in 9mm 150 Grain

    Micro HST 9mm

    Federal Premium is continuing to expand their ever popular Micro HST line of ammunition. Now it includes a 9mm load topped off with a 150 Grain bullet.

    For those unfamiliar with the Micro HST line of ammo it is a more purposeful spin-off of their industry leading Hydra-Shok ammunition. What the Hydra-Shok was developed to do and does so well is pass the FBI’s barrier testing requirements. The famous FBI tests are a given ammunition must be able to penetrate a certain thickness of glass, clothing, wood, and other barriers. Moreover, once breaking that given barrier it ┬ámust achieve a certain depth of penetration. You could imagine where this is important in many law enforcement scenarios, but civilians equally appreciate a hollow-point of this stringent quality.

    The Micro HST load is specifically developed for shorter barrel firearms. This is better for consumers because they tend to carry pistols with shorter barrels since it is easier to conceal. So now you have a hollow-point round with decades of proven penetration that is engineered for your Kimber Solo, Smith & Wesson Shield, Glock 43, [insert your short-barrel, carry gun of choice HERE].

    The Micro HST line of ammunition factors in a lot of elements important to smaller pistols.

    • Powders chosen for Proper Cycling & Cleaner Burning for Less Muzzle Flash
    • Heavier Bullets & Lower Velocities Reduce Noise & Recoil
    • Nickel Casing, Exacting Bullet Profile & Federal Primer Increase Reliability
    Micro HST 9mm

    Federal Premium Micro HST 9mm 150 Grain Expansion

    It is good to see Federal finally offering the Micro HST in a 9mm. The current, overwhelming popularity of 9mm as both a range and carry caliber makes you almost wonder why it was not offered first over the .380 ACP.

    Federal Premium’s full press release can be viewed on Vista Outdoor’s media page HERE.

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