Glock 43 vs Springfield XDS 9

    Andrew of GY6 Vids compares the Glock 43 to the Springfield XDS 9mm. Andrew mentions that many people like to compare the M&P Shield to the Glock 43 but they are not the same sized gun. He is right, the Shield is a slightly bigger weapon compared to the Glock 43. Just like the Shield though, the XDS gives you a std capacity 7rd magazine and a high capacity 8rd magazine. Something the Glock 43 does not do with its twin 6rd magazines. Although the Glock 43 does come with pinky extensions, something the Glock 42 was sorely lacking. I have to disagree with Andrew on the grip texture comparison of the Glock 43 and XDS. He says the Glock 43 has little to no texture while the XDS has a more aggressive texture. The Glock 43 texture is similar to the Gen4 texture which I like. The XDS texture is knobby. I would describe like a dull plastic meat tenderizer. It does not feel aggressive to me at all. It is smooth and slippery. Especially when your hands are mildly moist from sweat or rain. However that is just my opinion and personal preference. I do prefer the Gen4 Glock texture as I prefer shooting my Gen4 Glocks over my Gen 3 and Gen2 Glocks. Now my stippled Gen3 Glock is a completely different gun with its very aggressive texture. Now aside from grip texture differences, the rest of Andrew’s analysis is on point. The XDS has an ambidextrous mag release. The Glock 43 has a similar mag release like the Gen4 Glocks and can be switched over for a left handed shooter however it is not truly ambidextrous like the XDS.

    Something Andrew did not mention is that the XDS is also available in a 4.0″ barrel version. Another option that the Glock 43 does not have.

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