The Palm Carbine

    Remember the good old Palm Pistol from Constitution Arms? We posted about it way back in 2008, what the heck is it you ask? It’s basically a single shot self defense gun that was designed to be easy to shoot for those who might have issues with dexterity or grip strength such as the elderly or shooters with a disability. It’s chambered in .38 special and it has no bore axis which Constitution Arms claims helps with muzzle rise because the recoil is directed into the palm.

    palm pistol

    Anyways, Constitution Arms has plans to release a .22LR version of their Palm Pistol in the future. They also have something else new in the works, they’re working on their new Palm Carbine which we posted a sneak peak of earlier this year.

    Their Palm Carbine is, “intended for competitive target shooting, small game hunting and plinking”. Right, it’s essentially their Palm Pistol with a longer barrel and a Keymod rail with an AR stock attached to the rear. It’s still chambered in .38 special and they’re planning on releasing a production run of 100 units with a .22LR version in the works as well. No word yet on pricing however, sorry CA, DC, MA and MD you won’t be able to buy it.

    Check out for more info.

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