[GAO] Palm Pistol by Constitution Arms

    I came across this interesting pistol design at The Great American Outdoor Show. Constitution Arms makes a unique single shot break action pistol chambered in .38 spl. They advertise that it is designed for the elderly and disabled shooters. Typically people who want to shoot but have grip strength and dexterity issues.

    The inventor was inspired by a T-handled screwdriver.



    The palm pistol has two independent trigger safeties that must be pressed to close the chamber and to fire. You typically have the barrel between your middle and ring finger so that those fingers will squeeze the two safeties. Then the top or bottom of the grip has protective caps that you flip up to access the firing trigger. The “trigger” button is about an 8 lb push however you can use your support hand to push the bottom button and that will reduce the “trigger” push to 4 lbs.



    Having the barrel in this position is the best possible low bore axis that one could achieve with a pistol.



    Constitution Arms is even making a carbine version.



    Here are the available accessories. You can get a barrel extension to aid in closing the barrel, a picatinny rail for a laser or flashlight, a strike bezel or simply a thread protector. You could thread on a suppressor with the right thread pitch.

    barrel-extension-lo-resb2 picatinny-lo-resb2 strike-bezel-lo-resb2 thread-protector-lo-resb2


    I have my doubts that this Palm Pistol can be used for the disabled. It seems like quite a bit of manipulation and coordination to get this pistol to fire. You have to squeeze the two safety triggers while flipping the protective cap to depress the trigger. Added to the fact that this is a single shot pistol. Now the bigger issue at hand, the cost. The Palm Pistol base price is $1,350. Yes you read that correctly. It is over $1,000. Those barrel accessories you see above? They are $100 each. That is rather pricey for a threaded tube cut to different lengths and a short rail section. If I recall correctly, the carbine version of the Palm pistol is $1,800. That is rather steep.

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