Steam Punk AR15

    The guys over at Fire Mountain Outdoors have put together a Steam Punk themed AR15! The idea was for a gift to the wife of one of the owners, she is apparently a big time welder and thus would appreciate the steam punk themed rifle. It certainly is an interesting project build, with such features as a watch on the buttstock, a copper pole for the handguard, with copper rods wrapped around it, to various other smaller fixtures such as a sort of gearsĀ inside the now ventilated lower receiver. Their commentary in the video is absolutely great, with “On the left I’ve included a green laser, why? Because it’s Steam Punk!”. The gears inside the lower receiver are from a fellow in Russia that sells parts of clocks. The grip panels are actually 1911 grip panels, to add some wood to go along with a Steam Punk feel. The buttstock has both a compass and a watch on either side of it, with a clear material that allows you to see the mini gears working inside the watch from the other side of the stock. The maker choose a Centerpoint scope from Walmart that wouldn’t have been a good fit for any of his other firearms as well.

    The rifle isn’t for sale or anything, but it is pretty neat to watch, especially seeing the internals working through the cuts in the receiver.


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