Semprio In-Line Repeater rifle


    The Semperio is a new kind of rifle action, from the German company Krieghoff. Essentially the hunting rifle is built on a sort of push system wherein the forward portion of the rifle is pushed forward after firing, to extract, eject, and cock the hammer, then pushed back in to load, chamber, and lock the bolt into place for position of the next round. The bolt itself does not move at all within the rifle, as it stays in place, in the rearward portion. It appears that the bolt has some kind of rotating head like an AR bolt does, and this is what cams and locks in with the chamber. The magazine is removable, and is loaded while the forward portion is pushed out of battery, then concealed within the receiver of the rearward portion while the rifle is in battery. The safety and external hammer are located at the rear of the receiver, just behind the bolt. The company claims that having this type of action allows a hunter to keep their hands in the same position on the rifle, while not losing the cheekweld during a course of fire. It also lends itself well to a good take down rifle once disassembled.

    The design has been out since at least 2013, but it looks like it is making its way to the states via various sporting stores. The company is branding it as an In-Line Repeater and is chambered in .223 Rem., .243 Win., 6,5×55 SE, .270 Win., 7×64, .308 Win., .30–06, 8x57IS, 9,3×62 with a magazine capacity of 3, plus one in the chamber. While the Magnum chamberings are 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .375 Ruger, with a magazine capacity of 2, and 1 round in the chamber.

    Semprio – revolutionary and unique. Optimised ergonomics and kinetics come together in this new Krieghoff In-Line repeating rifle. The result: fast, intuitive repeating motion with excellent target acquisition.

    Accurate gun control and quick recovery after each shot combined with the classic elegance built into all Krieghoff firearms make the Semprio rifle stand out from all others. Completing the list of important Semprio features are the proven Krieghoff Universal Trigger System and Combi-Cocking Device – hallmarks of Krieghoff hunting guns.

    Easy Take Down and compact storage size make the Semprio In-Line repeating rifle the perfect companion for the hunt.


    Retail price appears to be around $4,690 in the United States.

    Much Thanks to TFB reader Hrachya H. for the tip!


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