Kinetic Concealment TAC-1 Knife

    Kinetic Concealment

    Kinetic Concealment announced the company is now selling a folding knife with a price point that makes it affordable for most anyone needing a blade.

    The TAC-1 knife has a 3″ blade made of an unknown stainless steel. It has a plain edge. It appears there is a small amount of jimping on the spine of the knife. The company states the knife has a drop point though it looks a bit more like a modified tanto to my untrained eye. Perhaps some of the knife experts can help me out in the comments with your thoughts.

    Kinetic Concealment uses G10 material for the handle for a good grip and durability. The blade has a thumb stud for opening and there is a spring assist to help lock it open quickly.

    According to Kinetic Concealment, the knives were designed in the United States and manufactured by MTech Cutlery. I’m not familiar with MTech Cutlery, but I believe it is a brand owned by Master Cutlery LLC. MTech appears to make a range of knives, cross bows, expandable batons and axes.

    The suggested retail price of the TAC-1 is $26.95 and has a one year warranty.

    Kinetic Concealment is a relatively young company that started with holster manufacturing. Since then, the company has also added handgun lasers and light/laser combos to its product line.

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