Kinetic Concealment LC-1Green Laser LED Combo

    Not long ago I wrote a review of the first non-holster product Kinetic Concealment introduced to the market. This was the KC green laser. At the time I mentioned KC would be introducing an LED white light and green laser combination. The LC-1 has just been introduced.

    The LC-1 mounted on my S&W M&P Pro.

    The LC-1 mounted on my S&W M&P Pro.

    The LC-1 has the same green laser as the previous laser only model but now includes a 200 lumen LED light. As seen in the photos the controls are two ambidextrous buttons mounted on the wings at the top of the rail mount. The front button controls the white light with on,strobe and off functions. The rear button controls the laser which has the same on, strobe and off functions. Since both buttons are close together the user can press both buttons at once with one finger and activate both the LED and laser at the same time. Of course you can activate them separately depending on needs of the situation.A plug in pressure switch is also included. The unit runs on two C-123 batteries.

    Activation buttons

    Activation buttons

    From Kinetic Concealment:

    LC-01 comes standard with a 200 lumens LED flashlight with high, low and strobe settings, as well as a high-powered green dot laser that can be used with or without the flashlight feature. Both the flashlight and the laser can be operated using the ambi-push button on and off switch from the wing-ends of the LC-01. The green dot laser can also be operated using the optional pressure switch that is included. The LC-01 operates using two CR123 batteries (included) and has a quick release push button back plate for easy battery exchange. The LC-01 weight 5.32 ounces.


    The LC-1 is water resistant and constructed of anodized aluminum. The LC-1 is held in place on the guns rail by one screw that can be tightened by hand or with a coin or screwdriver.


    The MSRP is $85.95 which is a very good price for a combo light and laser made with an aluminum body. It’s just a good buy no matter what your budget.

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