POTD: Oh that hole? Ignore that hole.

    This was posted in a Facebook group and the ignorance is astounding. Rationale and ignorance is not something the ATF takes kindly. Gun Addiction is an Instagram account and he posted a photo of his “cosmetic” modification. He drilled a third pin hole in the receiver with a “random sized” drill bit. It is right above the selector switch in the photo above. Which he intends to weld a pin inside.  Plenty of people commented and advised him that he has made a machine gun according to the ATF. Remember the recall on the IWI Galil ACEs? They were recalled for having a third pin hole in their receivers even though you could not simply drop a full auto sear in them either, ATF still considers them a machine gun and must be dealt with accordingly.

    Regardless of the legal ramifications, I question the need to drill a hole and welding a pin to fake the look of a full auto. This is like putting Ferrari badges on a Pontiac Fiero. Why? This seems really dumb. Sure there are lowers with the “AUTO” markings on them and I do not have a problem with that. But to deliberately drill a hole for “aesthetics”  seems like a waste of time.


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