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    This may not appear to be a gun-specific post, but it absolutely applies to avid hunters and shooters who prefer outdoor ranges. It’s even more applicable when you consider the time of year, because bug season is either fast approaching or already upon you depending on where you live. Let’s face it, dealing with biting bugs has to be done. It may not be glamorous, but it’s important not only for comfort’s sake but for the sake of preventing certain diseases. With those issues in mind Scentblocker is coming out with a couple new products: BugBlocker for Ticks and BugBlocker for Mosquitoes.

    BugBlocker for Ticks is made using Permethrin to repel and kill the aforementioned ticks. There’s a lot more to being rid of ticks than just the “ick” reaction many people have, too, there’s also the issue of disease. Ticks carry Lyme disease, an illness capable of creating lifelong complications. It also works on mosquitoes – think West Nile – and other biting bugs such as spiders and chiggers. This particular product is not meant for skin application but is meant to be applied to clothing and gear like tents, packs, and sleeping bags. The company lists its longevity as two weeks even with laundering.

    BugBlocker for Mosquitoes uses DEET to repel, yes, mosquitoes. It also works on black flies, gnats, chiggers, ticks, and spiders. Applied properly it repels those biting bugs for up to eight hours.

    If you hunt you undoubtedly understand the value of having a Thermacell to do away with bugs, and if you spend any length of time outdoors shooting you’ve probably received your share of bug bites. So while this might not be the most outwardly exciting product announcement it is one worth considering. After all, these two products are being manufactured by Scentblocker which means they’re made without perfumes or added scents of any kind. Whether you’re a hunter trying to keep your scent to a bare minimum or just don’t like the smell of what’s currently on the market these products seem worth a look. When it comes right down to it, we all need various accessories and miscellaneous gear to go with our guns and ammo. Anyway, who among us enjoys bug bites? (Hopefully none of us…)

    MSRP not listed but stores are carrying it for around $8.99. Check it out on one site at this link.

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