Daniel Defense 300 BLK Ammo

    DD Ammo

    Daniel Defense announced a new line of ammunition and the first load it will offer in that line. After picking a 300 BLK load to launch the line, Daniel Defense said it will expand the First Choice line of ammo to include other rifle calibers including the 5.56 NATO and 7.62×51 cartridges.

    The new 300 BLK load is a subsonic round that uses a 220 grain Lapua Secnar-L Open Tip Match (OTM) bullet loaded to 1,098 fps from a 16″ barrel. The company states that the round clocks in at 1,036 fps from a 10.3″ barrel.¬†The cases are brass and they use Boxer type primers.

    Daniel Defense advised that all ammunition goes through a detailed inspection prior to shipping. Rounds are checked to ensure they meet¬†critical dimensions standards, and advised that it will not ship any product that isn’t perfect.

    The suggested retail price of the ammo is $50 per box of 30 rounds. Currently, the ammunition is only available through Daniel Defense, though I would imagine the company would be happy to have its ammo sold through big box stores, local dealers and the big online shops. Shipping is free with the purchase of four or more boxes.

    This new ammo should match nicely with the company’s Integrally Suppressed Rifle and other AR accessories it introduced this year.

    Richard Johnson

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