Suarez International Debuts Slide For Leupold Deltapoint Pro

    With the relatively “new” craze of mounting optics to your handgun comes another entry into the market, specifically for the Leupold Deltapoint Pro (I am firmly in “Camp Leupold”). Who would have anticipated the popularity of Glocks for getting “raced” up? 🙂

    Suarez International is offering selected slide models designated V4 specifically for the Leupold Deltapoint Pro which they found to be good competitor for the Trijicon RMR (though they are not saying it is “necessarily better”, just that it has “many features that make it a very strong competitor to the RMR and addresses some of the dislikes end-users have with the RMR”).

    • The front sight can be combined with a dovetail mounted rear sight (or with the Leupold supplied rear sight that attaches directly to the Deltapoint Pro).
    • The aluminum housing is shrouded by spring steel for extra protection, and Suarez International believes that this offers better protection than other red dot sights.
    • The optic itself gives a slightly wider field of view and has two reticle versions; a 2.5-MOA red dot or a 7.5 MOA red triangle. You can set the intensity of both version via a push button.

    We did a write up on the Deltapoint if you would like more details. (Note: I don’t know if the above points are the ones addressing common dislikes about the Trijicon RMR, so feel free to weigh in with some comments.)

    From the right

    From the right

    From the left

    From the left

    The first run of the Deltapoint Pro slides will be the SI-334 V4 Slides intended for the Glock 3rd Generation Model 34, which is where I suppose most competition oriented slide rebuilds start. They do plan on having other slide models available for the Leupold in the coming months..

    Suarez International is, however, the first company to offer match quality slides dedicated and built from the ground up to utilize the Leupold Deltapoint Pro.

    You can find out more information and order (MSRP $349) at:

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