Leupold Deltapoint Pro

    Leupold announced the Deltapoint 2 last year at Shot Show. However the past year they kept pushing the release further back. Well now they have canceled the Deltapoint 2 and are coming out with the Deltapoint Pro.


    Here is a video of the Deltapoint 2 from last year’s Shot Show.


    The Deltapoint Pro has some significant improvements over the vaporware Deltapoint 2. The DP2 switched from torx to hex screws for the elevation and windage adjustments. Well the DP Pro scrapped that and went with big slotted adjustment screws. You could probably use a dime, or similarly small coin to adjust them. Leupold added a spring steel shroud to protect the aluminum housing. Leupold even has an optional integrated adjustable rear iron sight. I am not sure how you utilize that rear iron sight. I think you would install the DP Pro on an optics ready pistol and use a tall front sight. If you install the DP Pro via a dovetail mount I think the rear irons will be too tall to find a matching front sight to co-witness properly.


    The DP Pro has a MSRP of $599.99, a little bit higher than the proposed DP2 which was at $450.

    The DP Pro has two reticle options.


    Inscribed delta




    2.5 MOA



    I am sure we will see and learn more at Shot Show 2015 coming up in just two weeks time.

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