Firearms Food for Thought: Off-Body Carry

    When you decide to carry firearms for self-defense purposes you’re not only taking on a major responsibility, you’re setting yourself up to make far more decisions than just which gun or guns to use. Aside from caliber, ammunition, model – the list really does go on – there’s the issue of method of carry. We’re not talking about IWB versus OWB. This goes a bit more in-depth: on-body carry versus off-body carry.

    There’s an entire market out there supporting the idea that off-body carry is not only a legitimate way to carry your gun but a desirable one. It isn’t just concealed carry purses, either. There are fanny packs, satchels, even backpacks made with interior pockets specifically designed for firearms. But is it a good way to carry? What if it’s your only way to carry? What if, without that purse or fanny pack you won’t carry at all for whatever reason? How about when it’s only for your backup?

    What do you think? Does the additional time it takes to draw your gun with off-body carry make a significant difference or can you train delays away? Can you – can anyone – be disciplined enough to never, ever set the object containing their firearm down unmonitored for even a moment? Is there a time it’s better than nothing?

    Off-body carry is certainly a more common issue for women than men but that does not by any means remove men from the equation, or the discussion. There are guys who like fanny packs – although they may call them something else – or who stash their firearms in a briefcase or satchel. And let’s not forget the surge in so-called man bags.

    Furthermore, do you feel this is an important enough issue to warrant the cessation of producing off-body carrying products? Or do you think it’s a non-issue – or, if not exactly a non-issue, just not your problem since you don’t do it.

    Let’s hear it, guys.

    TFB Staffer

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