Air Powered M&P 40

    Umarex USA

    Umarex USA is now selling an air powered version of the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 handgun. The new pistol is a close replica of the firearm, complete with a working slide, three dot sights and a removable magazine. This gun is different from the previous M&P as it has a blowback design and 15-round magazine.

    The Umarex USA gun fires .177 caliber BBs using a 12g CO2 cartridge. The gun design has a regulation valve that prevents pressure loss when a magazine is removed. Each magazine holds 15 of the BBs and is weighted to mimic that of a loaded Smith & Wesson M&P 40 magazine. Magazines drop free.

    Umarex uses a polymer frame similar to that used by Smith & Wesson. There are three backstraps included with the gun so the shooter can fit the airgun to his or her hand. Under the barrel, the frame has a Picainnty type rail for the addition of a white light or other accessory.

    There is a variety of opinions regarding the usefulness of an airgun doppelganger. While shooting the centerfire firearm is probably the best for training, I can see how having a close replica that could be used in a garage or warehouse makes sense as well. Presuming the replica is well made and offers the same controls as the real firearm, I can see how practicing movement, use of light and even presentation techniques may be enhanced with such a gun when range time is limited.

    Umarex makes a variety of air pistols including 1911s and P.08 replicas.

    Richard Johnson

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