P.08 Blowback from UMAREX

    New this year from UMAREX USA airguns is a blowback action replica of the famous P.08 Luger pistol. Though I’m not an airgun guy, I think the replicas are very cool and this Luger is no exception. It’s full metal and feels real in your hand. It is single action and has a 21-shot drop-free magazine which holds the CO2 cylinder. It has a 4-inch barrel, weighs 1.9 pounds, and looks and feels like the real deal.

    The P.08 replica is CO2-powered and fires .177 BBs at 410 feet per second. It is part of UMAREX’s Legends line which also includes replicas of the Makarov and the C96 Mauser “Broomhandle.”

    umarex p08 action

    Shelby Murdoc

    Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and GunPundit.com.