Adams Arms’ VooDoo Innovations Glock Slides

    VooDoo Innovations which is part of Adam Arms showed off their new Glock slides at the 2016 SHOT Show. Their complete slide kits are profiled and lightened to help reduce felt recoil. They feature enhanced front and rear cocking serrations and an improved slide geometry that VooDoo Innovations claims helps draw your eye to the front sight. While their new slides come complete they were designed to work with factory glock sights and internals. They also include a 9mm threaded barrel with a barrel protector. They’re currently available for the Glock 17, 17C, 17L, 22, 22C, 24, 24C, 31, 34, 35, and 37.

    They have three models available, the Brawler, Enforcer and the Slayer. The Brawler model will include black serrated iron suppressor-height sights. The Enforcer model will include XS Sights dot sights and a micro red dot relief cut for most of the popular micro red dots on the market, the Enforcer also comes with a cover plate for when you’re not using the dot. The Slayer model includes the XS Sights as well as the micro red dot of your choice. The Brawler will retail for $699.99, the Enforcer for $779.99 and the Slayer for $1164.99. Their slides are made in the USA and include a lifetime warranty. Check out for more info.

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