Adams Arms .308 Piston Driven AR10

    I got to shoot Adams Arms new .308 piston driven AR10 at the 2015 SHOT Show Range Day. They’re currently not for sale to the general public as of yet, they did do a preorder which filled up very quickly. The AR10 I got to fondle was their competition model which had an upgraded trigger, free float rail, muzzle brake and Luth AR fixed stock. It was pretty lightweight for being an AR10 and a piston AR10 at that (sorry I didn’t find out the total weight), and it ran very smoothly. Checkout for more info.



    The new lineup includes 4 models with options and price points from entry level all the way to the FAST model, which will be able to outperform and outlast anything on the market. With MSRPs ranging from $1329.99 to $2999.99 there is a model to fit every need and budget.

    All Rifles will Feature:

    Voodoo Innovations Melonited Barrels
    Guaranteed Accuracy for Life
    Pressure Relief Cuts under the Barrel Extension
    LifeCoat Brass Saver Bolts
    Kidney Shaped Ejector
    Proprietary design that allows brass to Eject Cleanly and Efficiently, while preserving it for reloading
    LifeCoat Coating
    This provides the Lubricity of the Nickel with the Corrosion Resistance and Hardness of the PVD, increasing the life of the part exponentially
    Electro-less Nickel Base Coating
    PVD Top-Coating
    Other VDI LifeCoated Parts:

    Nickel Base/PVD Top-Coat
    XLP Adjustable Gas Block and Selector (on Free-Float Models)
    Picatinny Adjustable Gas Block (on Standard & MOE Models)
    Drive Rod
    Jet Comp (on Free-Float Models)
    Cam Pin
    1 Piece Bolt Carrier
    Firing Pin
    Fire Control Group

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