The New Apocalyptic Desert Eagle

    The Desert Eagle has been around for decades now and has gained a reputation as not just a sizable pistol but a big one – big as in, take-no-prisoners. Over the years it’s one through various incarnations and a few models, but what many people think of when they hear “Desert Eagle” comes chambered in .50 AE. New for 2016, from Magnum Research, is another big, bad pistol: the Magnum Research Mark XIX Apocalyptic Desert Eagle.

    Given current events, the name makes sense. The potential apocalypse is certainly on the minds of more than a few Americans whether it’s from watching more than a few episodes of The Walking Dead or ideas of a somewhat more realistic, zombie-free occurrence. If you’re looking for a Desert Eagle to get you through it, it’s here. The Apocalyptic Desert Eagle comes chambered in either .50 AE or .44 Magnum and features a distressed matte white Cerakote finish. According to the company, this particular Cerakote is designed to withstand serious abuse and is made specifically for superior durability. Of course, there’s more to the pistol than just a cool finish (see details below).

    MSRP is listed as $1895 for the .44 Magnum and $1922 for the .50 AE. Take a look at the company’s website to see their other offerings:

    (From Magnum Research):

    The .50 AE is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7-round capacity. The .44 Magnum has an 8-round capacity. Both guns measure 10.75″ in length with a 6″ barrel. Slide width is 1.25″, height 6.25″ and the weight with an empty magazine is approximately 4 lbs. 5.8 oz. in .50 AE, and 4 lbs. 6.6 oz. in the .44 Mag. It has a trigger reach of 2.75″ and a sight radius of 8.5″ with the 6″ barrel. The construction of the Desert Eagle utilizes the latest CNC machine technology providing exacting specifications with tight tolerances creating a work of art in a precision firearm. This Desert Eagle features a G10 grip. The G10 material is a high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate consisting of multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh cloth impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. It is anatomically formed and provides an ideal hand seating angle for two-handed shooting allowing for comfortable, rapid and accurate firing. The Weaver style accessory rail easily allows for aftermarket optics and scope rings.

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