New “Thin” Ear Pro From Walker

    As gun owners we all have rather large collections of assorted gear and parts to support our shooting habit. One of the most important pieces of that assorted gear is ear pro. Without the proper protection shooters can and will experience hearing loss. Of course, there are other side effects as well such as tinnitus and dizziness, the latter of which can develop due to disruptions to the inner ear. (What is tinnitus? If you’ve ever fired a round without ear pro you’ve more than likely experienced the ringing and buzzing in your ears that follows for various lengths of times; now imagine experiencing that all the time.) There  is a wide array of ear protection on the market from inexpensive foam plugs to electronic ear muffs. Everyone has a personal preference and many shooters own multiple pairs. If you’re put off wearing ear muffs due to their bulk, the new ear pro from Walker just might be perfect for you.

    Walker’s new ear pro is called Razor. As the name suggests the Razor series of ear pro is thinner than the average ear muff. The company designed these muffs to be as thin as possible without compromising functionality. They have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB. The Razor series is electronic and comes in a variety of colors including Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Kryptek Typhon, Black, and Teal or Pink accent pattern. All colors have a matte finish.

    MSRP $69.99. For a look at their entire line, visit

    Razor Series features: · Slim shooter folding muff · Ultra low profile ear cups · NRR23db · Two Omni-directional microphones · Full dynamic range HD speakers for clear balanced sound · Low noise/ frequency tuned for natural sound clarity · Single knob volume control · Sound activated compression circuit (SAC) · 0.02 second response time · Audio input jack · Recessed volume control knob · Comfort headband w/ metal wire frame · External battery door · Operates on 2 “AAA” batteries (included)

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