Magazine Extension Kits

    Glock owners are pretty lucky that they have OEM high capacity mags available to them at reasonable prices, not many other pistol brands have that option. There’s also the new Magpul Glock mags from the recent 2016 SHOT Show. There is one problem with those OEM Glock mags however, you’re still shooting a Glock. I kid! I love Glocks, but now Heckler & Koch owners have a high capacity magazine option of their own, kind of.

    The Heckler & Koch parts retailer has their new magazine extension kits available for a few popular HK pistols. They’re made out of impact and crush resistant polymer and attach to the mag bodies of the Heckler & Koch VP9, P30, P2000 and P2000SK magazines.

    Their kits include a polymer mag extension body, polymer extension cover housing, polymer follower and an extended steel magazine spring that can be used for either 9mm or .40SW. Their extension kits do not come with a magazine, but they have a extension kit and factory mag combo option as well.’s magazine extension kits retail for $39.95 while the extension kits with a factory HK mag retails for $74.95. Check out the video below on how to install the extension kits, it looks pretty easy.

    By adding the mag extension to the following HK mag bodies you get the desired extended mag capacity:

    VP9, P30, USPC, P2000 15 round mag body in 9mm: 30 rounds
    VP40, P30, USPC, P2000 13 round mag body in .40 cal: 28 rounds
    USPC, P2000 13 round mag body in 9mm: 28 rounds
    USPC, P2000 12 round mag body in .40 cal: 26 rounds
    P2000SK, P30SK 10 round mag body in 9mm: 25 rounds
    P2000SK, P30SK 9 round mag body in .40 cal: 22 rounds

    Please note: The magazine, magazine body is NOT included with the extension kit. You must use your own mag body or magazine. Will NOT work with 10 round blocked mag bodies or mags.


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