SRSP’s Team Never Quit Ammunition

    Snake River Shooting Products was founded by former USAF Casey Betzold with the goal of designing and manufacturing high-quality, reliable ammunition. Betzold has refused to budge from his dedication to quality, a stance that sometimes means things might move a bit slower – but they’ll be done right. He’s also puts a great deal of weight on the importance of helping other military veterans which is one of the reasons he ended up working the former US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell to produce Luttrell’s Team Never Quit (TNQ) ammunition line.

    TNQ got its start based on what Luttrell saw as a real need for reliable, high-performance training ammunition. He didn’t want it to be just any target rounds, though, he wanted rounds that would be safer for things like CQB training and steel-plate shooting. Enter the frangible round – but not just any frangible round (Sensing a theme? There absolutely is a themeĀ of both Betzold and Luttrell wanting to get things done to their fullest extent. There are no half-measures here.)

    Marcus Keith ammo in focus

    These frangible rounds are not jacketed, which many are. SRSP has given them the title of Reduced Ricochet rounds in part to communicate their capabilities. Taking away that jacket reduces risk of ricochet beyond that of the average frangible round because there really isn’t anything left to come flying back at the shooter.

    Of course there’s more to the TNQ line than just the Reduced Ricochet rounds. They have defense rounds, hunting rounds, and more than one type of training round. Take a look at their product list at:

    TNQ Brass family 2

    This is an interesting product line to keep an eye on and I can say from personal experience that this ammunition does perform reliably and as promised. I’ll be doing more in-depth reviews down the road including testing with ballistic gel and putting the company’s defense rounds up against those made by some major manufacturers.

    Take a look at SRSP’s site at

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