[SHOT 2016] VZ Weapon Solutions’ KMG Rail Covers

    We are all familiar with VZ grips wonderful G-10 grip panels offered for many popular handguns, this year at SHOT they introduced their new line of Keymod rail covers under the brand VZ Weapon Solutions. Made from the very same high quality G-10 they use on their grips the KMG is sure to be popular with shooters. The KMG is priced at a reasonable $23.75 for the 2″ cover and $25 for the 4″ cover. They are offered in both a Interlock version that does exactly what you think it would and a slimline version to keep bulk to a minimum. VZ will also be offering a hand stop made from G-10 as well.

    KMG stands for Key Mod Grip and allows shooters to add a rail cover that allows the shooter to keep a good grip no matter if it is wet or dry. VZ stated that if there is enough response to the 2″& 4″ lengths they will be introducing 3″ & 5″ lengths as well. The KMG panels will be offered in all the same patterns that the grip panels are available in so a shooter can match his handgun to his rifle. VZ also disclosed that they are planning on releasing AR-15 pistol grip in the near future, no word on a exact date or a projected MSRP.

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