[SHOT 2016] Round up of Turkish Companies

    There were a number of Turkish companies at SHOT, specifically three that I came across while on the lower level. There might have been more among the booths, but these were the ones that I was able to make contact with. You might notice that Uzkon and Deryra have very similar designs of semiautomatic shotguns, both visually like an AR, magazine fed, carrying handle, and picatinny rails on the handguard. I’m assuming that the design is made by both, with royalties paid to one or the other.

    All of these models, both shotguns and handguns will be brought to the U.S. market, either this year or later on. Many of these are already being sold in Europe, Asia, and in their home country of Turkey


    Uzkon mostly had a number of hunting shotguns on display that they will be bringing to the U.S. market this year. Their newest model some some new features, locking the bolt to the rear automatically when brought back fully, while their ribbed section had a cut down the middle to better acquire the front bead.

    _MG_7671 _MG_7672 _MG_7674 _MG_7675 _MG_7677


    GiRSAN brought out a number of handgun designs, some based on the 1911, others on the Beretta, and others appeared to be loosely based on the Smith & Wesson M&P full size models. They had some shotguns out as well, mostly semi autos aimed at either the hunting markets with wood furniture, rifle grips or for the tactical markets with polymer furniture, all in black, and pistol grips. They also had an AR on the shelf, but wouldn’t let me take it out of the locking set up it was in.

    _MG_7592 _MG_7598 _MG_7599 _MG_7603 _MG_7605 _MG_7606 _MG_7607 _MG_7609 _MG_7610 _MG_7611


    Deryra had the normal assortment of shotguns on display, with exception of a new design that has a very simple take down method. You pull the bolt to the rear about half way, press a button on the left side to lock it in place, than another one on the right side to disengage the lower receiver to the upper, thus separating the two and the gun is open for cleaning. They seem to be going for the competition market because of the compensator, the handguard cuts, and the finish.

    _MG_7626 _MG_7628 _MG_7630 _MG_7631 _MG_7632 _MG_7633 _MG_7634


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