[SHOT 2016] Hi Lux reproduction scopes

    Reproduction firearms have always occupied a portion of the shooting market, for a variety of reasons. Many competitions are based around old firearms, such as the Single Action Army Shooting Society in the sport of cowboy action shooting. Other shooters simply want to have firearms that are faithful reproductions because they want to shoot them much more than they could an actual hundred year old or so firearm, or because they are too expensive to risk. However, reproduction scopes are not very well known, and thus Hi-Lux optics company has filled that void by manufacturing reproduction scopes. One of the primary reasons they are doing this is for the CMP Vintage Sniper Rifle competitions where competitors compete with original or reproduction firearms. Many of the older scopes have degraded in quality over the years, or are extremely expensive, some of the Unertl scopes for the Springfield 1903 have reached eight thousand dollars for example. Thus, Hi-Lux has made faithful reproductions of such scopes as the M8 USMC Sniper scope (the long Unertl scope that you’ve probably seen from Saving Private Ryan), the M40 USMC 39×40 (greenish tint body, used during Vietnam on the Remington 700s), and William Malcolm Vintage Telescope Rifle Scopes, used on such competition designs as the Browning High and Low Wall rifles (even longer scopes, almost the length of the rifle, from the 19th century).

    _MG_7613 _MG_7614 _MG_7615 _MG_7616 _MG_7617 _MG_7618 _MG_7619 _MG_7620 _MG_7621 _MG_7622 _MG_7623 _MG_7624 _MG_7625


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