[SHOT 2016] Ruger 10/22 Underfolder Stocks


    This year at SHOW Show there was a section for new exhibitors and smaller companies, there was a product that caught my eye. A new company called Underfold Stocks based out of Longwood, Florida was showing off their underfold stocks for the Ruger 10/22. The stock is made out of injection molded polymer and the pivot system is made out of stainless steel, the underfold arms and butt pad are made out of 6061 Aluminum. The entire package is pretty darned light, I didn’t get the exact weight but I’d say it feels as light as the standard polymer 10/22 stocks. Their stock is available with black or silver anodized arms and butt pad that’s either straight or with a 15 degree angle.

    According to Underfold Stocks the straight stock is ideal for 10/22s with a scope and the 15 degree angle stock is better for 10/22s with a red dot or iron sights. Their stocks come with a over molded Hogue pistol grip but you can use any AK-47 grip you want as it uses the standard AK-47 mounting system. The stocks are available in various colors and all of their stocks are made in the USA. They also have a version for the 10/22 Takedown. The starting price is $99.99, check out underfoldstocks.com for more info or to pick one up.

    And if you want to make your own version of the A-Team underfolder Mini-14 Underfold Stocks said they’re working on a underfold stock for the Mini-14.




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