Crimson Trace LiNQ System

    Crimson Trace LNQ

    Crimson Trace released details about its new LiNQ System that it will be showing this month in Las Vegas at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show.

    The LiNQ System is a remotely activated light and laser system the company developed for the AR platform. The system consists of a remote control that is built into a specially designed replacement pistol grip. The light and laser emitter is mounted on the rifle’s accessory rails and is wirelessly controlled.

    Right now, Crimson Trace is advising that both red and green laser modules will be available. The white light is rated at 300 lumens. Additional light characteristics, such as the candela, beam shape and run time, have not yet been provided.

    The Crimson Trace LiNQ System is expected to ship in the middle of 2016. Currently, the company expects these systems will have a suggested retail price of $549.

    Crimson Trace LNQ

    An obvious concern for many people, including myself, relates to the reliability of the system. Wireless technologies are very good at the consumer level. However, as an avid user of Bluetooth, NFC and other wireless technologies, I am hesitant to rely on them for a fighting rifle. Far too many times, signals get mixed or drop out.

    Crimson Trace states the LiNQ has been through rigorous testing in both lab and field conditions. Certainly, the company has a history of delivering quality products, so I hope they took the time to get this one right. It has the potential of being a good tool – but it has to be reliable.

    Richard Johnson

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