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In 1994, Crimson Trace came out with their first product – an internal system for Glocks – in 1996, they launched their patented LaserGrips at SHOT Show, and today they sell more than 200 high-quality laser sights. There are uses to laser sights beyond the obvious (they create a bright pinpoint of light), and in order to help consumers install and utilize their products to the fullest, Crimson Trace has come out with a training video. The video was made at Gunsite, Col. Jeff Cooper’s firearms academy, and can be used both by private shooters and as a training aid in classes.

From Crimson Trace:

“This educational video covers many benefits on the use of laser sights while providing specific details about how installing and using laser sights on a firearm can: increase muzzle direction awareness, aid with sight alignment, promote a proper sight picture plus improve trigger control. The detailed footage reveals that having laser sights installed on a firearm can make the shooter more accurate and confident by helping to improve the two most important shooting fundamentals: aiming and trigger control. Segments of the video reveal how a laser sight installed on a firearm increases safety.

Numerous firearms experts are featured in the video while they are shooting and training at Arizona’s Gunsight [spelling theirs] Academy. The experts discuss—plus shoot and show—the many advantages that laser sight systems provide when installed on a firearm. The informative video was created by Crimson Trace with support by the National Rifle Association’s Education and Training Division. The video is also designed to be a teaching aid in firearms courses.

“Training with Laser Sights” covers an issue that many concealed carry firearms owners seek to master—acquiring and maintaining a sight picture during low-light conditions. The free on-line video also helps viewers diagnose and improve their trigger control errors while working to improve firearm control and accuracy.”

The video can be found at:

Visit the company’s site at:

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  • Noguncontrol Noguncontrol on Mar 10, 2015

    it improves accuracy, but is it faster than point shooting at close range? no. the only advantage of lasers is when shooting in strange positions, like out the window of your car and the attacker is in front. at close range, point shooting rules in speed. at longer ranges, red dots like the Trijicon RMR rule in both speed and accuracy.