BREAKING: Ruger To Release New Polymer-Framed Striker-Fired “Ruger American” Pistol In 9mm and .45 ACP

    Sturm, Ruger & Co. appears to be set to release a brand new handgun for SHOT Show 2016. An FFL on Facebook apparently received the new gun ahead of Ruger’s announcement, most likely scheduled for the NSSF Shot Show. The Gun Show Podcast blogged the photos through the site:

    The new pistol is reported to have a 17+1 shot capacity in 9mm, and a 10+1 shot capacity in .45 ACP. It features interchangeable combined backstrap/sidestrap units. We’ll release more information via this post as it becomes available.

    1910473_1049899828396227_5877492891216001626_n 1609774_1049899815062895_7760876254480299186_n

    EDIT: The Gun Collective posted better photos of the new pistol:

    12418832_1004948809576376_6341649108811496627_o 12401929_1004948766243047_510487122331019397_o 920671_1004948776243046_7704494837687414318_o 1064126_1004948772909713_4257925692366412486_o


    Thanks to Ryan for the tip. Thanks to Scott and Martin, as well, for blogging about it!

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