Gorilla Ammunition Releases TROOP Line of Re-manufactured Rounds

Nathan S
by Nathan S

Gorilla Ammunition has announced the release of their first line of re-manufactured ammunition, the Troop Line. Initially launched in 300 Blackout, Gorilla has stated their intent to expand the line to other calibers and loadings in the future.

The Troop Line exclusively utilizes once-fired Lake City brass, which undergoes Gorilla’s Q/C process, cleaning, and full re-sizing prior to the reloading. According to Gorilla, “The product holds the same high standards for accuracy and reliability you have come to expect from Gorilla Ammunition and with the use of the once fired case provides an excellent value.”

All Gorilla Ammunition is rated to Sub-MOA accuracy and even more impressively, is to have standard deviations of only 15 feet per second, meaning approximately 99.9% of the ammunition should be +/- 45 FPS. Put another way, roughly 96% of rounds will be within +/- 30 FPS.

There are currently 5 loads initially available for purchase, all in 300 BLK:

  1. 208 Grain, Hornady A-Max (Subsonic)
  2. 220 Grain, Sierra MatchKing (Subsonic)
  3. 147 Grain FMJ (Supersonic)
  4. 125 Grain, Sierra MatchKing (Supersonic)
  5. 110 Grain Nosler Vermageddon (SuperSonic)

All loads are sold in 20 round boxes, but those interest in bulk pricing can contact Gorilla.

Prices range from $14.49 for the FMJ to $18.50 for the loads with premium bullets. Similar loads in new brass are over 50% more expensive priced at retail. The A-Max reloaded is $18.50 and the new brass is $28.99.

Nathan S
Nathan S

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