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A few years ago I found myself embroiled in an ammo debate – okay, an argument – with someone about .40 S&W versus 10mm. No, this was not a discussion involving name-calling of the .40 S&W or a talk about wound cavities, recoil, or, well, anything. It actually had to do with the cartridges themselves and the dimensions of the barrels of guns chambered in them. I finally abandoned the argument, but I’ve never forgotten. You guys have undoubtedly had numerous “discussions” about ammo and its interchangeability – or lack thereof – over the years, with varying degrees of success.

Confusion over the differences between cartridges varies between the understandable to the frustrating. Just last week a newcomer to a gun-related group on Facebook asked a question about 7.62 ammo – just 7.62 ammo, with no mention of which one he was referring to. A few days ago someone else was confused about .30 caliber bullets, not understanding the differences in the many, many .30 cals on the market. Then there’s 5.56 versus .223, standard versus +P – there’s a lot of information out there.

Apparently hickok45 has received his share of questions regarding about ammo because he recently posted a video covering the importance of using the right ammo in the right gun. After all, just because a round fits in a gun – sort of – doesn’t mean it should actually be fired in that gun. It may seem basic to experienced gun owners but remember that we all had to start somewhere and certain details are harder to grasp than others. If it seems like an odd or overly simple posting for TFB, keep in mind that newbies hit the site on a daily basis looking for answers to questions. It never hurts to touch on basics now and then. So take a look at the video. Who knows, you might learn something.

So what spurred this? Think of it as a sort of a PSA. When someone who does not know as much about guns as you do starts asking questions, try to be patient. Far too many potential shooters are scared off or discouraged by snarky responses from seasoned gun owners – or gun owners who just think they’re seasoned. Always be willing to answer legitimate questions. Heaven knows the industry can always use dedicated gun owners.

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  • Dwaine Dibbly Dwaine Dibbly on Dec 18, 2015

    A little knowledge is dangerous! For example, I can see somebody coming up with this logic and resulting BAD ideas:

    1. S&W Governor chambers 45 ACP (with moon clips), 45LC, and .410 shotgun
    2. S&W 460 Mag changers 45LC, 454 Casull and 460 Mag.
    3. Therefore, I can fire 460 Mag & 454 Casull in my Governor and I can hand-make shorter .410 shells for the 460, right?

    (Actually, it would be great if the 460 X-frame was machined for 45ACP moon clips.)

  • Jim_Macklin Jim_Macklin on Dec 19, 2015

    Years ago I picked up a, as I recall, 30 Russian unfired cartridge, from the gravel at a public KDWP range. The case was mangled. I think somebody asked a Walmart sales associate for some 30 caliber ammo. It did not fit in a .30/30 chamber. [Maybe it was other way around, I can't find that case now.]
    I've often wondered about loading a 5.56x45 round into a .375 H&H. [not recommended]

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