Australian police seize 3D printed gun from meth lab

    Police in Queensland Australia recently seized a .22lr 3D printed ‘Liberator’ pistol during a raid on a meth lab. The lovely looking nail shown in the picture functions as its firing pin when inserted.


    Despite the police having to fan themselves, this find is unimpressive compared with what DIY goodies have been previously uncovered from ‘Bikie’ meth labs.

    A homemade submachine gun seized in Warnbro by WA Police

    Dr Birt said New South Wales was leading the way in addressing the issue of 3D-printed weapons, having recently passed a bill around possession of 3D-printed firearms.

    “There’s no stopping in terms of the technology itself,” he said.

    “But through legislation you can obviously have rules associated with the printing and use of these particular firearms.

    Since making illegal 3D printed guns illegal twice was such a great success, perhaps they should also consider taking steps to ensure Australia is a Plumbing Free nation.