Australian police seize homemade submachine gun during drug raid

    Pictured is a homemade submachine seized by police during a raid which also uncovered a suspected meth lab. The weapon itself is very obviously based on a design described in the infamous Expedient Homemade Firearms series of manuals published by British author P.A Luty. Such homemade weapons have been widely encountered, accounting for at least 10% of firearms seized by NSW police.



    ‘The Luty MKII machine pistol’ – Test fired by police in video here


    A number of similar designs were seized in various stages of construction from a home earlier last year. The scaffolding industry declined to comment.


    In a separate case, a man was jailed in October 2014 for manufacturing and selling what were described as “the best homemade manufactured weapons in the state” intended in his words “for enthusiasts and aficionados”.


    Many more homemade firearms seized in Australia have been previously documented here.